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5 Tips On How To Engage Your Club Members

As the football industry has faced its greatest ever challenge following COVID-19, clubs worldwide are pulling out the stops to keep their members engaged. But what exactly should we be saying to them? Discover our top 5 tips for engaging your football club members. 

Develop your voice

We’ve finally got back to the game. The role of clear and consistent communication allows your members to know your purpose, communicate your value and deliver high-quality content to ensure your members are kept up to speed. 

Your members have been living for getting back on the pitch. It’s your time to shine and let them know when and where. 

Serve up relevant content

Let’s be honest, lockdown made us a little too comfortable with having a phone in our hand; which is understandable, what else did we have to do? This does mean that more people are tuned into their socials now more than ever.

Make sure you’re delivering relevant, fun and interesting material that your members can relate to. With the popularity of home workouts, it's an ideal time for sharing some drills and tricks that members can practice in their free time.

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Share the experience

Building online communities and creating shared experiences are ideal ways to engage your football club members. Encouraging user-generated content is a great way to build engagement and spark up two-way conversations between your club and members. On your social media pages, try having your team prescribe challenges e.g. ‘drill of the day’, or even share some photos and videos to ramp up the sense of community.

On Instagram, tools such as polls, sliders and question boxes make it easy to serve up fun and user-friendly content to engage and connect with your members and other sports clubs. Even general, light-hearted polls can engage your members and spark interesting debates and conversations (‘Pineapple on pizza, yes or no?’)  

Player Profiles

If truth be told, we're on social media because we love to see what other people get up to, what their interests are and what they do in their free time. It’s helped to make us feel like we're still connected through what has been a lonely time for many during COVID-19 and lockdown. Get out there and get to know some of your players from every level. Publishing profiles gives your members a spotlight to tell an interesting story or allows them to delve deeper into their sporting journey. For clubs with multiple teams, this provides ample content that can be used for weeks on end. 

Ask your players for a fun fact about themselves, what position they play, if they have any other hobbies, their sporting idol etc. Play around with the questions and have fun with your members on and off the pitch. 


Project positivity!

Ensure to adopt a positive tone across your social media channels and website. There’s plenty of evidence that taking part in a sporting activity can have a profound and positive impact on mental wellbeing. Broadcast the benefits of sporting exercise across your socials to reinforce the sense of club community.

Try these five tips and get back to us when you're famous! 


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