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Establishing Your Club DNA: Values & Visions

Running a club is not easy. Let's be honest, it can be hectic. However, it is important to establish a sense of direction for your club and your members. Your club DNA should consist of your club's Visions and Values. Here are our top tips on how to establish them. 


Establishing Club Values  

Every club needs to have values. As a club, it would be worth your while to establish a ‘Visions & Values’ approach, whether this be a section on your website, your bio on social media or simply an accessible word document for all your members.  

Why do we need this?  

An outline of your Visions and Values provides your club with a strong sense of identity. Your image is clear. This helps members as well as potential members to understand the type of club you have formed, where your club is headed in the future and who exactly you are trying to reach.  

A useful approach is to think of your Values and Visions as the foundations of a building. The ingredients to a cake. Sharing your core values with your club and making them publicly visible will help with all decision making within the club.  

Who writes it?  

You want your club to have a strong voice. This piece will set the tone for your club and establish your future mission. We recommend including your members, players, parents, and your committee  

Club Values Example

  • To provide an inclusive and friendly environment, where everyone is encouraged to reach their full potential.
  • To promote an opportunity for group participation and friendship.
  • To encourage a team spirit across the whole club and develop a strong sense of sportsmanship between both teammates and with other clubs.
  • To provide a professional, quality coaching programme for all ages and abilities.

Club Visions

Let's think big and long-term. A vision describes the future, and so should inspire your club members and players.  

A Mission Statement is a great way to describe your club’s purpose in simple terms. Whilst your vision is future facing, your mission tends to be more practical and doesn’t change drastically as your club progresses.  

Your mission statement should be unique to your club and represent the values of its members.  

Possible Mission Statement Points 

  • To be a sustainable, quality club, which encourages all athletes to reach their optimum potential through a diverse and effective programme. 
  • We want to have our own, fully fitted (feel free to specify) facility within the next 5 years that offers non-membership income opportunities. 
  • We want to be fully paper-free by 2030. 
  • We want all admin streamlined by 2025. 


Even if it’s just a few sentences, a Vision and Values statement provides a lot of value. Not only does it outline your club's desired outcome, but it can communicate intentions and hopes for the future. The best part is that a Vision Statement changes with your club. When a vision is reached or updated, it’s time to create a new Vision Statement. This encourages everyone toward greater goals, and opens your club to more possibilities. 

Send us your thoughts and we can help you draft your Visions and Values.